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Cone kiln for sale

We didn't invent the concept of Cone Kilns - that was done thousands of years ago - but we have come up with the perfect shape for them. And now we can make them for you in three different sizes.

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Cone Kilns are deceptively simple. They look like a flat-bottomed steel cone, because that's what they are. But they work so well because the sides are just the right angle for the charcoaling process. Just light a small fire in the bottom and add small pieces of dry fuel. As the fuel burns it collapses down, covering the embers beneath. The embers stop burning - because there's no oxygen - but they continue cooking into perfect charcoal. So if you want to make your own charcoal from your own woodchips or garden waste, then we'd recommend one of these.

charcoal kiln
making charcoal in a cone kiln
bio char handmade
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