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HENPOD hen house

Interior as seen through the back doors. The space to the left of the curtain is for a nest - just put in some hay. The perch (right) and the nestbar lift out easily for cleaning..


Here's a delightful little henhouse - perfect for free-ranging hens, or if you have a run.

Very similar to the Henbarrow house, except there's no run attached and no wheel either, so it's much more affordable.

Suitable for two or three hens, there's a nesting area, a perch, a ladder, two little doors at the front and two large doors at the back.

Corrugated metal roof, wax-painted timber - the HENPOD is designed to last for years and years.


Designed to sit off the ground on concrete blocks, or we can supply a steel stand too, if you like. Whichever way you do it, we're confident your hens will love it - and it will look great in anyone's garden.

(The photos show a HENPOD on the metal stand we supply separately.)

€200 collected (carriage extra if necessary)

Stand costs €50 extra

Not suitable for areas with mink!




SHIPPING - Unfortunately we can only ship to

Ireland and the United Kingdom so far. And even so the shipping costs are very high. We're doing our best to negotiate better rates but they will only come down with more volume of sales. (But you could always turn up with a big van or a trailer...)

The cost to your address will come up when you get to the shopping cart. Go through the 'SHOP' page..

The HENPOD hen house..

HENPOD showing optional steel stand - or you could just use concrete blocks.

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