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icecream cone holder for 99 s

Ice-Cream Cone Holder


Carrying ice-creams is easy with the Cone Holder

carrying icecreams on the car seat

Stands on the front seat of a car 

(drive with care though!)

wooden cone holder holds 4 icecreams
laser-cut wooden cone holder



Made from precision-cut plywood, these clever little holders will keep your cones upright while you negotiate the beach or the drive home. Designed specially for the classic 99 soft-scoop icecreams, they'll prevent many a sticky slippage, so now

you can bring enough ice creams for everyone - without leaving them upside down on the pavement, or splattered round your car.

3-cone €10

4-cone €12

plus (not much!) postage

order through the 'SHOP' page above


They pull apart and store flat (in your glove-compartment? in your handbag?) ready to be assembled in moments, whenever the sun comes out...

After use, just wash, dry and re-use!

(These are wooden so don't put them in the dishwasher and don't leave them to soak - but you can still give them a good scrub in warm soapy water, if needed. Wait till they're completely dry before packing them away flat. Store them in a paper bag, or the envelope they're sent in.)





99 ice-creams held firmly in a cone holder

Four-Cone Holder


Sandra in the summer time!

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