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biochar for sale ireland, activated charcoal

This video shows how we make our charcoal, from scrap wood to soil - well worth watching!


Horticultural Charcoal is charcoal that’s been activated by steam, ground to a suitable size, and then inoculated with billions of microbes! It is used as a soil additive because it improves the soil’s structure and acts as a reservoir for nutrients, water and air – which means that your soil will be less likely to dry out, flood, or leach nutrients. Microbes grow inside the charcoal and spread out from it. So your soil will be richer and everything living in it will do better – including your plants.

Charcoal is mostly carbon – which is an inert element. This means that it won’t disintegrate or rot away – in fact it will still be here in 5,000 years time! (The other components are ash and minerals.)


Our Horticultural Charcoal is made from locally grown timber, and inoculated with microbes grown on our mixed farm in West Cork, together with locally sourced seaweed.


Turning timber into charcoal fixes the carbon permanently – burying it in soil is called sequestration. If it hadn’t been turned into charcoal the timber would have either rotted away or been burned – both options would lead to the production of carbon-dioxide, one of our main Greenhouse Gases.

This product is sold by volume - each sandbag contains approximately 18 litres of charcoal - enough for at least 10 square meters of ground

To order - go to the 'SHOP' page above.

Unfortunately I can only send within Ireland. It's best if you call in and collect a few bags yourself - there might even be a discount if you buy ten bags or more..

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