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henbarrow mobile hen run
henbarrow mobile hen run
henbarrow hen house
Henbarrow mobile hen run


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Designed to enhance any garden, the Henbarrow is a wonderful new way to keep hens...

- Your hens will be completely safe from foxes, dogs and cats at all times, day or night.

- It's so easy to move the Henbarrow around, you can now give your hens fresh ground in moments. Just wheel it where you want to go, set it down, and that's all there is to it.

- You can use a Henbarrow on your lawn without large holes appearing. Or under trees. Or park it on rough grass, or on a vegetable bed when you want the weeds cleared. In fact, you can use your hens as part of your whole garden management - and they'll be happy to do the work!

- There's room for two or three hens. And collecting the eggs is a pleasure because the whole house is raised to a convenient height.

- Cleaning the house is easy too - because the perch and the nest-bar just lift out, and the floor is level with the wide doorway.

- The Henbarrow is solid and built to last. The metalwork is galvanized, and the woodwork is painted three times with wax-paint. It has a strong metal roof and comes with a moveable tarpaulin cover to keep the sun or the rain off.

- Perfect for children to learn all about keeping hens. The wide mesh allows the hens to put their heads through and eat from your hand, and all the doors are easy to open and close.

- Your hens get fresh clean ground everyday - so they can stay healthy and happy.

- The Henbarrow is not flat-packed - it comes as one rigid piece. Very little assembly is required, though you will need to get it off the pallet safely and secure the handles in place.

- Not suitable for areas where there are Mink or Pinemartens. They are rare everywhere though and tend to stay well away from towns, cities and villages. If you're not sure, ask other poultry keepers in your area.

Overall dimensions - 220cm long, 125cm wide, 95cm high

Run area 1.5 m3. Grazing area 2.5m3.


SHIPPING - Unfortunately we can only ship to

Ireland and the United Kingdom so far. And even so the shipping costs are very high. We're doing our best to negotiate better rates but they will only come down with more volume of sales. (But you could always turn up with a van or a trailer. The handles can be removed so the van doesn't need to be huge.)

The cost to your address will come up when you get to the shopping cart. Go through the 'SHOP' page..

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