Iron Pig Pizza Steel

makes excellent pizzas!

made in Ireland from 6mm thick steel plate

Pizza Steel and Pizza Peel combo


Made from 6mm solid steel, these chunky hexagonal pizza steels are made to help you cook the best pizzas ever.

€45 plus postage


Practically indestructible, these are a stylish and useful additional to any kitchen. They measure 32cm x 36cm and fit most ovens. They weight a hefty 4.5kg - which allows them to retain huge amounts of heat, so they'll cook your pizza in no time, even when you open the oven door. (Just don't drop yours on your toe!)

These come dressed with solid coconut oil. This will season your steel so your pizzas won't stick. The first time you use your steel, put it into the middle of your oven and 'cook' it at 200 degrees celcius until it stops smoking - around 30 minutes. After that, turn up your oven to your required temperature and get your pizzas ready. Just before you load your pizza onto the steel, sprinkle lightly with flour, semolina or maize-meal. This will add a delicious crispy texture to the pizza as well as ensuring it wont stick.

Don't try to move your steel when it's hot. Leave it in the oven all the time it's in use. Use a peel/paddle to load and unload your pizza. (There's a lovely one right here!)

Once the steel is cool, wipe clean with a warm soapy water and dry thoroughly.

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(If you order a steel and a peel at the same time

you'll save €10)