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one sheet boat


This fun little dory boat was made from a single sheet of plywood. It's part of an ongoing international challenge to make the best functional boat from one sheet of 8'x4' ply.

We're offering the plans and instructions in case you fancy making one too - it would make a brilliant project for a family or after-school group.

The plans cost €10 - order through the 'SHOP' page above

We'll send you an email with the files attached. Get in touch if you want a hard-copy and we'll try to figure something out.

And if you have access to a CNC machine you can use the other files we've included to cut the shapes out directly.

plan one sheet boat

Will giving it the Tom Sawyer look..


Here's a video showing how we put ours together - and how we got on when we took her to the seaside..

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