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More stable, more visible, more fun, and much safer than a bicycle!

Healthier, greener, more fun, and much cheaper than a car!



Plans and instructions for building




The car you can build yourself with simple woodworking tools, and drive legally on the roads without tax, insurance, licence or testing (and it’s just the best fun too!).


Download a full set of plans and instructions – special introductory offer - half normal price! (limited time only)


What do you get for your money?


Approximately 50 pages of written instructions,

110 colour photos

75 full-size and scale drawings of the parts and how they go together

55 CAD files of all the plywood, acrylic and metal parts needed

Detailed list of materials and parts needed (with links to the trickier ones)

Licence to build one car

Legal disclaimer


(Note – these all come in the form of computer files (.pdf, .svg, and .dwg,), sent to you from this website. You will not receive a hardcopy print-out – but you can print the files if you like, of course.)


These plans are the result of a year’s work – researching, developing, testing and refining The Mott wooden car. Literally thousands of hours - and thousands of euros - have gone into this project. Because that’s what it takes to build a car that works. I’m really proud of the results and I have spent many weeks writing and drawing up the plans so you can make the same car. If you get stuck I will try to help, by email or on the new Facebook page – LINK - because I want you to succeed.


STOP! Before you jump in and buy the plans, please consider the following...

This really is a brilliant project to take on – maybe with a friend or a child or a group. You really could make a working car in your garage with basic woodworking tools – and then have great fun driving it to the shops, to work, to school, or just cruising for the sheer fun of it – BUT there are a few things you should consider first..


Yes, this car can be made using simple tools, but it still has to be made with care and accuracy. The finished car will be capable of significant speeds on public roads – so other road-users, as well as yourself, will be subject to your construction skills. For that reason this project is not suitable for woodworking novices.


There’s quite a lot of work involved too – don’t expect to get it made in a couple of weekends.


This car has been tested with drivers from 1.5m – 1.85m tall (approx, 5’0” – 6’0”), with weights up to 100kgs (approx 220lbs). If you’re outside this range, it might still suit but maybe you should wait for a different version.


The finished car is nearly 2.4m long and 1.1m wide (approx. 8’ x 4’) – where will you keep it?


Study the list of materials and parts needed HERE – will you be able to find, order, or make them all?


Legally this is a pedelec bike, and subject to your local laws regarding pedal-assist e-bikes.


Any three-wheeled vehicle drives quite differently from either a bicycle or a standard car. It is completely safe and stable if driven correctly, but it will take a while to get used to the way it handles, especially on corners. So go slowly at first!


Happy with all that? Good! Now go and buy the plans HERE  : - )



EXTRA BONUS! Get the full cost of these plans back again, if


1. you’re the first to build a working car

2. you do a particularly good job of your build or the finish

3. you come up with a significant improvement to the design that we can all share


(send photos and clips and I’ll credit you in a video and happily return your fee.)

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