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pallet bench

Garden Bench made from one pallet and one bracket set

brackets for making a pallet bench

A bracket set includes enough screws for the job


are contained in this video

home made pallet furniture

brackets fixed in position with screws (supplied)

You can make a garden bench just like this with just one pallet, some basic tools and our specially designed brackets.

Pallets are often given away, but they are strong and make excellent benches. These brackets are just screwed onto your pallet and make the job easy.

€30 per set, plus shipping

(order through the 'shop' button above)

A set consists of..

2 x three-legged brackets,

2 x two-legged brackets,

20 x galvanized wood screws

The brackets are solid steel. They have holes in the right places and they come with enough galvanised screws for the job - all you need is a pallet and some basic tools..

You do need to choose a particular sort of pallet. It needs to be double-sided, with four ribs. I show a couple of examples in the video, but if in doubt send me some photos and I'll try to help.

The brackets could be painted or just left to age naturally. They will last many years even with no treatment. Untreated wooden pallets, though, will probably only last a year or two if left outside - but that's ok, just remove the brackets and re-use them on a fresh pallet.

Of course you should remember these important things..

Choose a good strong pallet, and remember, even the best will fall apart one day.

Pallets may have splinters, and they always have lots of nails in them - and you'll be adding sharp screws too - so inspect it carefully before use. Knock down or sand anything sharp.

These brackets are strong enough for a two-person bench built and used as described in the video. Longer legs will add greatly to the leverage on the brackets so the bench will be less secure.






The cost of postage to your address will come up when you get to the shopping cart. Go through the 'SHOP' page..


garden bench made from a pallet
garden furniture ireland

The tools you will need are..

a saw, a hammer, and a screwdriver

An attractive and useful addition to

any garden, these benches can be made in half an hour using basic tools, a pallet and a set of brackets.

home made bench made from pallet in a garden in Ireland
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