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Hedgehogs everywhere are in serious decline – due mostly to habitat loss and poisoning. But we need our hedgehogs, so let's all try to help them.


One of the things we can do for hedgehogs is provide them with safe places to hibernate, and to have babies in, too. This excellent hedgehog house is..

​​SAFE – badgers, dogs and foxes just can't get in.


DRY – the roof is pvc-coated galvanized steel – it will last years and years!

STRONG - The front and back are solid exterior-grade timber board, and the floor is galvanized steel mesh.

This house is made from painted wood and metal. It is ventilated but not draughty, and completely dry and safe for a whole family of hedgehogs. The front door opens into a short tunnel - this is to stop a dog or a fox getting inside. There's a back door too - for you to put leaves or straw inside, or for cleaning the house out. The floor is strong mesh - so nothing can dig their way in, even if the house is turned upside down!          


Dimensions - 60cm long, 50cm wide and 35cm tall.

SHIPPING - Unfortunately we can only ship to Ireland and the United Kingdom so far. And even so the shipping costs are very high.


We're doing our best to negotiate better rates but they will only come down with more volume of sales.


The cost to your address will come up when you get to the shopping cart. Go through the 'SHOP' page..


INSTRUCTIONS – Just leave your hedgehog house in a quiet place in the garden, somewhere it won't be disturbed. Under a bush, behind a shed, in a hedge – that sort of place. Hedgehogs love investigating so they'll find it sooner or later. You could encourage them by putting some cat food just inside the door.

If you like, put some old leaves or straw inside to make a cosy bed for them. (They will do that themselves too.)


After that you'll just have to watch and wait...


Hedgehogs hibernate from November to March, and they can have babies from April right through to late summer, so they need a safe place to live all the year round.


Hedgehogs like snails and slugs and worms and beetles – so make sure there are places in your garden for those creatures too. Remember, an untidy garden with overgrown parts can be the best for wildlife. And of course, never give hedgehogs milk (it makes them sick), and never use slug pellets unless they are guaranteed hedgehog safe.

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