IRON PIG - home of the 'Henbarrow',

the 'Chordelia Guitar Machine',

'Rose' beehives, and many other interesting things!

Welcome to an old chicken shed in West Cork, Ireland.

Our workshop's in here - but we share the space with dogs, horses, sheep and donkeys too, so it's a little cramped. It's noisy and busy too - sparks and sawdust everywhere - but that's ok - it's just the place for new ideas to form and good design to evolve.

We've just started this website - so there's lots more to add to it. But in the meantime, have a look through the THINGS WE MAKE pages to see what's up there so far, or check out our YouTube channel - 'Way Out West'. (We now have 200,000 followers, making us one of the most popular channels in Ireland..!)


IRONPIG - Ireland's practical design workshop..