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Carriage is calculated at the checkout...


More details HERE


  • There are three options to choose from...

    1 - Collect from the workshop. You'll need a big van or a trailer.

    2 - Delivery in West Cork. This depends a bit on where you are, but we could probably deliver to your door. Get in touch for a price.

    3 - Pallet delivery to the Ireland and the U.K.*

    The cost of this is what we have to pay the courier, so it depends where you are. We're hoping to secure better prices, but for now this is the best we've found.

    *Some assembly is required if yours arrives on a pallet. You'll need someone to help you get it off the pallet, and a screwdriver to fit the handles back in. The delivery lorry will drop it off as close as they can reasonably get, but it's a big lorry so don't expect miracles.

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